The Benefits of Installing a Mezzanine Floor

If you need more space in your warehouse, that is probably great news – it means your business is growing and that has to be good.

Unfortunately, you may not have the cash to extend your premises or you may find that you will not be allowed to enlarge your warehouse due to planning restrictions. There are all kinds of problems on most industrial estates because of needing to keep access roads clear and also there may be a size limit on buildings. So, you will have to think about moving, perhaps – but this isn’t necessarily so.

Look up!

benefits of installing mezzanine flooringThe chances are that you have loads of space above your head. Even if you use very extensive shelving and racking systems they rarely go right up into the roof and if this is the case in your warehouse then you have the answer to your space problems and that is – install a mezzanine floor. The installation can be completed very quickly once the initial plans are drawn up and so you won’t lose precious weeks while the building work goes on. Depending on what you plan to use your mezzanine floor for, you could end up with no down time at all.

Some rather fancy staff accommodation

Some warehouses lose a lot of space because of the need to provide staff rooms, changing areas or even showers, depending on your business. A very good use of your new mezzanine floor would be to house all of the staff rooms there and extend into the previous rooms they used on the ground floor. This is a great way to get extra space if you routinely have members of the public buying or viewing in your main ground floor space and your staff have the added – and very welcome – bonus of having a lot of extra privacy. If you have always wanted more office space or a personal space for you or your manager to interview or hold conferences, then this is when the benefits of a mezzanine floor can be seen. 

Long term storage

Most businesses have some lines which don’t move as quickly as others. If you deal with seasonal goods this probably applies – Christmas decorations or other products have essentially a three month niche and the rest of the time left over stock needs to go somewhere. Keeping it on the shelves all the time can be really annoying to staff as they constantly have to move boxes or bags and this also creates a rather tatty lot of stock – being moved from pillar to post for nine months of the years doesn’t do stock much good, cosmetically. You might also stock goods that need special storage that does not fit with the rest of your inventory. Using a mezzanine for this type of item means that you do not need to create optimum conditions throughout the space, just in the smaller area that needs it.

The clincher!

The cost is so much less for installing a mezzanine floor than almost any other option that many people choose this answer to their storage problems even if the other arguments mean nothing to the way they run their business. A mezzanine is cheaper than an extension, certainly, but it is also cheaper than moving, especially if you have to buy yourself out of a lease, pay a deposit on a new and larger premises and even, in some cases, pay travelling for staff who have been disadvantaged by the move. It isn’t difficult to see that if you have the room overhead in your business premises, a mezzanine floor could be the answer you have been looking for, as it ticks all the boxes.


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