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Increase Storage in your Warehouse with a Mezzanine Floor

While it is true that every warehouse space is unique and comes with very particular challenges, benefits and drawbacks, it is almost universally true that any given warehouse has untapped potential. Often, this potential is best fulfilled through the installation of a mezzanine floor, for reasons that this article will endeavour to lay out. Running…
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A Brief Guide to Mezzanine Floors

What is a mezzanine floor? A mezzanine is a functional space between the main floors of a given building. The term itself derives from the Italian for ‘middle.’ How are mezzanine floors typically used? There are many excellent potential applications for mezzanine floors in a wide range of industrial and commercial operations. Warehousing and distribution…
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London Metal Exchange

When London Metal Exchange decided to move to new premises the overriding factor was to keep their famous Trading Ring which had been at the centre of trading since 1881. To make use of the height available between existing concrete floors they wanted to install a mezzanine floor to create work stations below and an…
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Warehouse Safety

There are many key components in ensuring that a warehouse remains a safe work environment. Some of these involve training and education, while others involve more tangible and structural additions such as FD60 or FD30 fire doors, first aid kits , column protectors, and clear safety signage around the warehouse. While warehouses can be dangerous…
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