Tanbry Construction Project

How we supplied and fitted purpose-made stairs for this Nottinghamshire company


Tanbry Construction came to us with a problem. An existing set of stairs were unsatisfactory for use and out of alignment. Tanbry required us to cut the existing steel fouling to new measurements and then create and install a new purpose-made staircase to the engineer’s satisfaction.

How we did it:

Here at Bradfields, we often design and create bespoke steel structures, so we were well suited to creating a purpose-made steel staircase which met specifications and ensured highly accurate alignment with the existing building.

Once the existing staircase was removed, we proceeded to cut back the existing steel fouling to ensure that the staircase could be installed unimpeded. We then took detailed measurements of the site and designed a steel staircase structure which would allow the easiest possible access to the floor above.

One issue with the installation is that it was in restricted space which limited movement. To resolve this, we designed the staircase to be installed in linkable parts whilst still offering the high alignment accuracy and flush finish the client expected.

The result:

We designed and installed a brand new, custom-made steel staircase for Tanbry Construction which opened up a simple way for a walkthrough to be made on the second floor. This also considerably improved access for the project cladding contractor to conduct work on this higher tier. Finding the optimum way to work within the restricted space also allowed the project to proceed in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

Upon feedback, the on-site engineer and Tanbry Construction were both happy with the work carried out by Bradfields.

Need a similar solution for your company?

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