How Mezzanine Floors Can Boost Productivity in your Factory or Warehouse

How Mezzanine Floors Can Boost Productivity in your Factory or Warehouse

Mezzanine floors are a simple, fast and affordable way to get more space in your building. However, did you also know that they can improve productivity by making your business operations more efficient? Here are a few of the most common ways to achieve this:

Increasing workspace

The most obvious benefit of a mezzanine floor is that you can dramatically increase your available workspace without moving to a larger premises. In some situations, you could even double the available space, allowing for more staff, more machinery, more workstations and more production lines. This means that you could stay in the same premises whilst considerably expanding your business operations to increase output and ultimately grow your business further.

With mezzanine flooring, the dreaded thought of having to uproot your whole business just to be able to expand can now be a thing of the past.

Increasing storage

Sometimes, storage is a limiting factor in the growth of a business. Larger and more frequent orders might require more stock to be held on site, meaning that you need to utilise more of your business premises just to hold enough stock to meet demand.

With a mezzanine floor, you can create a whole new storage area with considerable extra floor space. Plus, with the incredible strength of purpose-built mezzanine flooring, you can utilise a very high weight per square metre ratio, allowing you to potentially stack your stock to optimise the available space. Bradfields can even combine your new mezzanine floor with racking systems which considerably improve access to your new storage area.

With increased storage like this, you could hold more stock on site, tender to larger contracts and even bulk-buy larger orders of stock to take advantage of quantity discounts.

Separating storage/stock and operation areas

By having dedicated stock and work areas, you can avoid each area overlapping and causing disruptions. For example, boxes of stock being held in the work space area could get in the way of machinery, reduce mobility and even pose a health and safety hazard. By separating the two with a mezzanine floor, you can have dedicated staff working in each area, thereby allowing separate stock and production departments to be optimised for their own use.

Installing offices

Mezzanine floors can serve as the ideal platform for purpose-built offices which look highly professional. This may allow you to give more members of staff their own offices to improve focus and concentration. If your warehouse or factory is loud during operations, then creating offices away from production areas can reduce noise pollution and allow office staff to concentrate on their duties whilst still keeping your office and floor workers together under one roof.

Optimising layouts

Your factory or warehouse layout doesn’t have to be stifled by the available space. With a mezzanine floor in your warehouse, you can adopt a layout which optimises productivity and provides a number of improvements in efficiency. For example, departments which frequently work together can be moved closer to improve communications and reduce the journey times between the two areas. Production lines can also be optimised to increase speed and flow without any bottlenecks. Certain departments which disrupt one another can even be moved further apart.

Many of these changes may only be small, but by accumulating them together, you could notice an improvement in productivity, employee satisfaction and overall working output.

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