Increase Storage in your Warehouse with a Mezzanine Floor

While it is true that every warehouse space is unique and comes with very particular challenges, benefits and drawbacks, it is almost universally true that any given warehouse has untapped potential. Often, this potential is best fulfilled through the installation of a mezzanine floor, for reasons that this article will endeavour to lay out.

Running out of viable space in a thriving warehouse environment is a problem that will resonate with warehouse managers the world over and the tighter space becomes, the more it impacts on productivity. Lines blur between spaces devoted to distinct tasks and this can lead to issues not only relating to output, but also morale and safety, not to mention the potential for accidents that damage inventory. Let’s look at how a mezzanine floor can help.

What is a mezzanine floor?

If you look around a warehouse and consider the entire cubic area, you will notice that a great deal of space is above that which is useable. A mezzanine floor will convert unused height space into a floor that gives you a whole host of possibilities for future and present growth. It is cost effective and logical as a solution for creating substantial extra space within the confines of your existing premises. Expanding your footprint without moving premises and all of the costs and time that this entails is an attractive proposition you cannot afford to ignore.

The perfect observation area

A mezzanine floor gives a warehouse manager the ideal vantage point to be able to oversee the day to day operational activity on-site and review safety and efficiency measures. Being able to see where space could be better used is important when it comes to increasing storage in the most efficient way.

Office space

A mezzanine floor can, with this in mind be a great space for a modular office – affording the possibility for a quieter space away from the hubbub of daily activity. You will normally integrate stairs into your mezzanine to allow for easy access. Having a dedicated office will free up storage space elsewhere and help to keep everything tidier and more logically divided.

Mezzanines as storage solutions

Mezzanine floors make for the ideal storage solution for those who are running out of space for safe and efficient storage of their inventory. Mezzanine floors can be fitted with an enormous range of racking and shelving options to create the maximum storage space for your particular needs. You might want to take the opportunity to reorganise the whole warehouse and have logical division of particular inventory and machinery. A mezzanine floor can even be integrated using pallet racking in order to create a vast, multi-tiered storage facility.

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