Mezzanine Flooring Leicester

Mezzanine Floors Leicester

Here at Bradfields we supply a wide range of industrial and commercial mezzanine flooring in Leicester and the surrounding areas. All our mezzanine floors include the supply, installation and manufacturing. You can get the most out of any space with mezzanine floors whether it be the single or multi tier solution.

mezzanine floor installations LeicesterMezzanine Floor Installations

At Bradfields, all our Mezzanine Flooring solutions are installed and manufactured to the latest British standards, codes of practice and to satisfy all current legislation



Cantilever Racking

Bradfields Cantilever Racking is the perfect racking system for saving space and for long load storing such items as aluminium, plastic extrusions, timber boards, steel bars and tubes.

Longspan Shelving 

Bradfields Long Span shelving range offers maximum strength, stability and durability to cater for all your storage needs.

industrial pallet racking systems for warehousesPallet Racking 

Bradfields Pallet Racking comes in a variety of sizes, so we have a pallet solution for any size and weight you need. We also do a range of pallet accessories to meet any of your requirements.